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PayCircle Mobile Application

Transfer Your Funds and Assets Globally in a Blink of an Eye.

PayCircle utilizes cutting-edge distributed ledger technology to facilitate and simplify global payments, unifying financial institutions within a reliable and growing network across six continents.

Single Point DeFi Platform

Multiple advanced protocols converge into decentralized payment application on the PayCircle


Foster reliability through enhanced visibility and zero payment failure

Lightning Fast

Facilitate instant payments for your family and business in real-time
24X7, 365 days


Low-cost transactions help in capitalizing on operational expenses inducing business growth

How PayCircle Works?

Built on Diamante Net and forging alliances with local service providers, PayCircle enables you to store, send, and receive multiple Fiat and digital assets within a highly secured digital wallet. Your account is FDIC insured.


Free, simple, and hassle-free sign up on PayCircle.


Deposit multi-currency Fiat and digital assets in your PayCircle wallet via your local bank account or P2P wallet.


Transfer your Fiats and digital assets between PayCircle accounts or to any customer on the PayCircle network.


Request and accept payments from your family and customers directly in your PayCircle wallet.

Transaction Tracking

Track the status of your transaction or payment with real-time visibility. Stay in complete control of your funds.

Borderless Payments for Borderless Economy

PayCircle DeFi Wallet


Transact in 0+ currencies


FDIC Insured USD Custody.

Lightning Fast

Funds settlement in less than 0 seconds

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Spend Directly from Your Wallet with PayCircle Debit Card.

PayCircle Debit Card (Coming Soon)

Easy and instant transactions with PayCircle multi currency Debit Card! It allows you to make seamless digital and Fiat currency conversions and transfer funds for business and individual purposes, anytime and anywhere around the world. Go beyond the limitations of your bank card with PayCircle.

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PayCircle Debit Card
Creating a Payment Section

Creating Payment Without Borders for the Global Population

Our banking systems are not designed to accommodate the needs of people without borders. So, we are building a new architecture, which is:

  • Fundamentally transparent
  • Extremely cost-efficient
  • Making premium your new normal

Blockchain Backed Digital Wallet

PayCircle offers a convenient and instant payment settlement for Fiat
and digital assets stored on its wallet, facilitating:

  • Peer-to-peer monetary transactions
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Instant settlements for international payments
Blockchain Backed Digital Wallet